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MiraClays is negatively charged.  When ingested, each tiny particle binds to the toxins in your body, which are positively charged.  The particles surround and bind to each toxin holding them in a colloidal state (suspended) until they leave through the waste elimination process, gently cleaning out that which does not serve the body.

At the same time, the nutrients from the clay, are transferred and absorbed into the body providing much needed essential macro, mico and trace mineral elements necessary to aid in bone and joint strengthening, boosting the immune system, raising the pH, improving digestion and metabolism as well as improving overall health and energy.  The best part is it is 100% natural and has been around for centuries.


Ingested or applied externally, MiraClays mineral-intense composition absorbs the toxins that impede your body’s natural health maintenance while boosting your immune system, aiding the conduction of your own healing body heat, and nourishing you from head to foot with calcium and trace minerals delivered in their natural and most easy-to-absorb form.
MiraClays can be used for healing and therapeutic purposes of all kinds, both external and internal.  Dissolved in water or juice of your choice and taken orally, consumers around have marveled at what many consider to be the best, all-purpose cure in existence.  It can be applied in poultices and compresses to heal sores, ulcers, and help rebuild healthy tissues and cells of all kinds.
Ingested MiraClays doesn’t just add calcium and minerals to the body, its natural absorbing properties whisk unwanted toxins from the body, making it “the original chelating compound.”
It has a direct effect on the intestinal tract, as sufferers of amoebic dysentery, and inflammation of the intestines have almost universally reported favorable effects.
Its beneficial effects reach every organ in the body.  Anything unhealthy that’s floating around the system emitting positive polarity is irresistibly attracted to the negatively-charged clay and swept along with it in route to elimination. 
Brush your teeth with MiraClays to remove tarter, strengthen weak, bleeding gums and control pyorrhea.
Add water to MiraClays to create a fabulous facial pack. Spread evenly over the face and let dry for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and follow with your regular moisturizer.  Your skin will be radiant.
For acne care, MiraClays facial packs can be applied daily.  For more troublesome flare-ups, this treatment can be supplemented with 1 teaspoon of powdered MiraClays mixed in water or juice of your choice and taken orally.
For skin conditions such as warts, hives, athlete foot, yeast fungus, jock itch, ringworm, cuts, sunburns, boils, poison ivy, cold sores, shingles and nail bed fungus, prepare enough paste to cover the affected area, smooth it on and let dry.
Mix a teaspoon of MiraClays daily in a glass of water or juice of your choice and ingest for a variety of conditions, occurring along the digestive tract.

Feed it to your large animals and pets for their general health and energy as well as a host of skin irritations. 


MiraClays is an healing clay used by indigenous peoples of the world for centuries to heal wounds, soothe indigestion and kill intestinal worms.   It has proven anti microbial properties and has been shown to be effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria.   MiraClays is one of three clays being tested by Arizona State University researches Shelly Haydel, Ph.D. and Lynda Williams, Ph.D. in their cutting edge research for the treatment of MRSA.

MiraClays is a calcium montomorillonite clay that contains 73 minerals and trace minerals…more than any other clay available on the market today.   It truly is like no other clay on the planet!  MiraClays was formed by volcanic and geologic activity that occurred millions of years ago right here in the United States. It is mined directly from the Earth and delivered to you in a pure powdered form ready to use.

It is classified by the Food and Drug Administration as GRAS-generally recognized as safe. MiraClays can improve the overall health of your animal companions and farm animals when routinely added to their diet.  Plants and vegetables and fruit trees grow bigger and flower more when the nutrient rich MiraClays is added to the soil.
And the effects on your health can be truly amazing!
MiraClays is a 100% natural pain reliever with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Mix with water and apply to achy joints or sore muscles or skin rashes.  As the clay cools and dries, the pain or rash begins to fade. Or relax in a luxurious clay bath.
However you choose to use this nutrient rich clay, you’ll soon agree that MiraClays is truly a gift of health from nature that is like no other clay on the planet.