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  • “I had a total knee replacement in 11/08 that got infected with MRSA.  I was taken back and forth to surgery to try to clean out the infection.  I was finally moved to a rehab hospital.  I felt like I was being dumped off to either die or let my leg get worse so they could amputate it.  Then I tried MiraClays.  This was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.  After the first application, I could feel like there was a war going on in my knee area. It was like MiraClays was attacking the bacteria.  After the first application, I saw immediate results.  The swelling was going down and the drainage had slowed significantly.  Within four days the wound closed and within two weeks I was walking and doing physical therapy.  I attribute all of this healing that is going on in my body to MiraClays.”  J.V.
  • “This is about human health and energy and cleansing.”  K.B.
  • “I used to get up to go to the bathroom two and three times a night.  After using MiraClays for a couple weeks, I could sleep all night without getting up and my energy level was higher.”  M.D.
  • “I had diarrhea for over 10 months and all sorts of medical tests.  I started taking MiraClays and after only 1 day, my diarrhea finally stopped!  Now giving it to my friends to try.” H.K.
  • “I’ve had aching, nagging pain in my shoulder for years.  I added water and made a paste and put it on my sore shoulder.  I couldn’t believe that for the first time in years, I had a lot less pain and could play baseball with my son.  This should really be called Miracle Clay because for me…. It is!!”  R.B.
  • “My dad had a large bedsore on his backside that healed in less than 3 weeks with only one application a day!”  M.M.
  • “My doctor gave me a prescription for 60 Prilosec for my stomach pain the day before I started MiraClays.  I still have 59 pills left!  Now I carry a “to go” supply of MiraClays with me all the time.  Thanks guys!!”  J.S.
100% Natural                                    
Completely Organic                                       
No Additives