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People around the world of all walks of life are praising the effects of the calcium montomorillonite found in MiraClays: 
  • Absorbing Toxins
  • Calcium and Mineral Supplementation
  • Weight Loss
  • Renewing Energy and Vitality
  • Beauty Remedy
  • Aid Longevity
  • Health Maintenance of Animals
  • And More! 


MiraClays’ calcium montmorillionite clay has been naturally crystallized and negatively charged due to its repeated hydro-thermal exposure over the millennia.  The crystallized clay has been reduced to small particles that make it easy for the body to assimilate.  As a result, calcium, minerals and trace minerals can be delivered to cells and tissues on demand wherever they are needed throughout the body.  The negatively charged particles attract any positively-charged toxic elements that cross its path.  These toxins are absorbed by the clay and ushered out of the body as waste. It’s been said that calcium montmorillonite clay is nature’s original formula for chelating toxic metals and other poisonous substances out of the body.