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Poor absorption of the calcium and minerals our bodies need deprives us of the strength-born vitality that we all instinctively know we we’re meant to possess.  Hoping to find it by other means, many of us ingest sugars, caffeine, nicotine, or simply too many calories.  While mildly successful in the short run, these approaches are chemically unsound and cause the body to work cross-grain against itself.  The end result invariably leaves us with even less energy than we had before! Only now, we’ve got an additional drag on our body’s resources due to a weakened immune system!  Dumping a high-potency multivitamin into the tank can’t help.  Remember: the problem that got everything rolling was not lack of nutrients, but poor absorption.
MiraClays has been shown to interrupt this downward spiraling cycle in two critical ways:  First, by delivering micronized calcium and minerals directly to the cells of the body.  Second, by absorbing toxins and whisking them out of the body as the waste they are.

Customers rave that this one-two punch helps them feel healthier and more energetic than they felt in decades.