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There is a growing body of evidence connecting stubborn weight issues to breakdowns in the digestive system.  With a majority of us in the developed world having spent a majority of our lives eating a majority of our foods in a preprocessed form while scouring our intestinal tracts every year or two with antibiotics, it’s no wonder to find our digestive tracts in bad shape.  Stripped of their natural digestive flora and bombarded with foods that have been purged of their enzymes, our digestive tracts are less and less able to extract what our bodies need from foods we eat. As a result, we’re eating more and are left feeling hungrier than ever.  And so, this is not “all in our heads.”

Emerging research suggests that our very bones are hungry for the proteins and minerals that our digestive systems are increasingly incapable of delivering, resulting in bodies that switch into “famine mode.”  When populations go through a true famine, their bodies cling to existing fat deposits while they reduce the rate calories are burned as a way of surviving the famine.  If you feel like your body is fighting against your diet and exercise plan, it could well be that it is.
MiraClays’ enzyme producing properties may be just what your diet is lacking to get the proteins and minerals in your diet actually delivered to the cells of your body.  The additional calcium and minerals the clay itself adds to your diet could help shut off the famine factor. In addition, the calming properties of the clay on the digestive tract have been shown to reduce intestinal inflammation and speed any healing necessary to the alimentary system.