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“There were never so many active minds at work on the problems of disease as now, and all their discoveries are trending towards the simple truths that you can’t improve on nature.” 

Thomas Edison, 1902

MO CBD is a natural non-narcotic pain reliever found in the naturally occurring hemp plant.
Cannabinol or CBD, is NOT psycho active. It will NOT make you high. And it is quickly becoming a natural go to alternative to many prescription drugs. CBD is used by people of all ages for a wide range of physical and psychological problems.
In pre-clinical studies, CBD has been shown to decrease seizures and alleviate symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. CBD has been reported to decrease stress, anxiety and symptoms of PTSD. It is used to relieve nerve pain and inflammation in the body. It provides relief from joint and muscle pain. And it has been shown to work in very similar ways for your four legged friends. 
“…. the simple truths that you can’t improve on nature”
MO is available as tincture or capsules taken by mouth 
MO is available as topical cream or oil application
Mira Oil is Grown and Harvested in Colorado